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Call for Submissions - Planning for Decarceral Spaces for Collective Action

Following the protest movements of 2020, an honest reckoning with the carceral state seemed possible. While abolitionist organizing is flourishing and continuing to push the country toward a more just and peaceful future, mainstream information on policing and crime in the United States is muddled by misinformation and fear-mongering.

Planners can be allies in combating physical manifestations of the police state, from the design and oversight of public spaces to the development of cities that support access to basic needs (housing, food, education, childcare, transportation, nature, etc). This intersection between planning and policing is apparent in the current struggle over “Cop City” in Atlanta, Georgia. From land occupation, to state investment in physical space, the story of “Cop City” is one that is both tragic and hopeful: tragic because state actors have murdered occupiers and crushed protests; hopeful because collective action is proliferating. From the forest defenders in Atlanta to labor unionizing to encampments, the occupation of space is a direct action that has tested the carceral state. However, as the Ottawa “Freedom Convoy” occupation has shown, such occupations can also be organized around reactionary politics.

We are seeking short submissions (roughly 1,000 words) for our online magazine, Progressive City: Radical Alternatives, on the theme of ‘Planning for Decarceral Spaces for Collective Action.’ Contributions can reflect on this theme through a variety of lenses, but should address how planners and activists can actively engage in designing, creating policies, and/or advocating for the creation of decarceral spaces which promote safety, reduce harm, and are accessible.

The submissions should be written in an accessible (jargon-free) manner. A few suggested readings may be mentioned in the text (hyper-links to references are encouraged), but please do not submit footnotes. We encourage the submission of a photograph or illustration (with appropriate permissions). Please note that while we work with authors to help them fit the Progressive City style, format, and themes, we cannot accept all articles that have been submitted.

Deadline to submit: November 15, 2023. Submissions or are accepted via email at




We feature stories on inclusive urban planning practices, grassroots organizing, and civic action. Our contributors and readers are activists, reporters, practitioners, academics, and community members.


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